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AllDays releases an epic track called “Deep End”

Deep End Artwork Final.jpg

             AllDays is a Pop/Rock music artist based in Long Island, New York. Learn more about them on their website They are releasing an epic song called “Deep End” just in time to be a Summer hit single! This debut single drops as an NFT collection on Friday May 24th, 2022 before it drops on streaming. “Deep End” is a lovechild of metal and reggae influences. The verse is loaded with face-melting riffs over heavy distortion intended as a tribute to Tenacious D. The second verse features an explosive guitar solo where Luke left it all on the fretboard. After the verse, the song a takes a happy turn with an optimistic reggae-influenced chorus. The third chorus features an acoustic guitar solo showing Luke’s reggae influences from bands like Rebelution. The song culminates in a final verse with a chilling message and a rain stick track to take us out. Ryan O’Hagan applied his musical magical powers once again to create an excellent mix and master.         

             AllDays is a self-proclaimed web 3 artist taking music NFTs to the next level. They will release a collection of music NFTs on Mintsongs featuring the album artwork and full song. AllDays is actively looking to partner with web3 music platforms such as, Catalog, etc. You can email to arrange an NFT partnership. The band sees cryptomusic and NFTs as a vehicle to procure seed funding that they can utilize to improve their music and its reach. NFT holders will gain access to a long roadmap of exclusive products and experiences associated with the band and its music. They currently have a collection of live music NFTs listed on OpenSea for just $5 worth of Ethereum! Don’t miss out on the ground floor opportunity to invest in a group of extremely capable musicians!
          AllDays is currently in the studio and has a large repertoire of originals to record. They plan to release at least one song a month for the next year. They are currently recording the next single called “Deep End” which will drop in May 2022. Follow AllDays on Twitter and Instagram to keep your finger on the pulse of this exciting new artist!

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